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The growing number of technical projects and technical people makes it hard for the current structure of the company to have a synchronized and coherent technical growth.

Technical people have proved to be a good at attracting new projects and growing the business.

Most of the effort is handled by people inside the office and we are not actively involving outside people into our day to day business growth.

We propose the creation of a new business unit that helps technical and business departments of from a technical perspective.

Discovery Options Delivery


  • Bring in new business
  • Help with technical decisions inside
  • Recommend best approach for Short Term and Fireman projects
  • Identify new potential employees
  • Keep an overview on current and future the technical projects and challenges


Good technical people have sometimes a hard time to communicate with non-technical people. This should be composed of senior people and their peers.

One L&D representative to attend the meeting and understand the current status. employees working outside our office

  • employees for at least 6 months (should consider getting it up to 1 year from 2015)
  • At least 3 years of experience working in relevant technical projects

Employees will be invited into this department or request access to this department, the requests will be reviewed by the existing team and approved or not. Should consider attracting into this department at least one person from each customer (people in charge of deliverables). internal employees

All relevant technical people. (Team leads – responsible for deliverables, sales, and operational department)


The full group should meet every 2 weeks on a predetermined day.  There should be a designated BusinessTech unit leader who will also be leading the discussion and a secretary who is in charge of keeping notes and tracking.

  • Each attendee (or team technical + non-technical) should take 2 minutes to present his/her current project(s) status and future plans. If during the presentation we identify a challenge that requires extra analysis and work, a work group (3-4 persons) will be created on the spot that has to meet within 1 week to come up with a conclusion and/or plan of action. The work group should be created based on willingness and approved by the meeting manager.
  • 3 to 5 minutes to present conclusions of past issues that were addressed by a work group. This should have previously been sent on e-mail to all members.
  • 30 minutes for discussing other topics.


Meetings are open for all other employees, the ones that are not members of the BusinessTech unit can only talk during No. 3.

Meeting Outputs management should receive within 24 hours from the meeting a short e-mail describing

  • Status on each projects
  • Future opportunities
  • Current challenges being addressed

Choosing the BusinessTech unit lead

The board should name this person for a one year term. The BusinessTech unit lead should receive a review from the persons he/she has worked with. The review should be processed by the L&D department and sent to the board.


  • If someone attending BusinessTech manages to bring in new business or manages to identify new opportunities he/she will receive a predetermined reward.
  • Bonus for employee recommendation
  • An employee can earn extra income/year from this Incentives. After this a direct talk with Sales department will be required for a new Incentives plan.

Benefits for

  • Technical people have a point where they report work to people that can understand the technical details (Peer’s review)
  • Expanding the sales force by using senior technical persons
  • Getting externals involved in the company activity
  • Access to “hidden” resources


  • Registration to BusinessTech (no more than 2 weeks)
  • Nominate Unit Leader (no more than 1 week)
  • Proposal for Projects (no more than 1 week)
  • Working for pitching projects/ideas (1-2 weeks)
  • Evaluation for Projects -> identify potential industries (1,2 meetings)
  • Identify Collaborators in Industry Vertical/Market Horizontal (no more than 1-2 weeks)
  • 3rd Party & External Industry Insights – (collaborators) (2,3 meetings or one dedicated per industry/market)
  • Develop PoCs, WhitePapers and/or Articles (1st deliverable for projects) (1-2 weeks)
  • Post/Publish info about projects
  • (Marketing) – Validate in the market – run some campaigns for potential clients.
  • Product Validated -> Start developing an MVP or sign a contract with the client
  • Re-run everything from step 3

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