RemoteOps for Physical Robots with Digital Twin for Safety Simulations


HoloLens & UR Robotic Arm


  • Modeling HoloLens from the PC – and then from the physical robot.
  • Real time updates Digital Twin for Functional Safety and equipment integrity.
  • Robots for green energy lines maintenance – optimized for quality or energy consumption, reducing the exploitation fatigue and corrosion due to exposure to the elements. Continuous programable maintenance.
  • 3D digital twin to generate realistic accident scenarios, crisis situations and harsh environments. We use these scenarios to train operators with remote control rooms, to control locally deployed autonomous intervention units and to design AI-based for decision making / or decision assistance – critical decision factor prioritization.

Our RemoteOps & Digital Twins

  • 3D physical simulation of the testing installations
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics for simulated gas leaks based on real ones
  • Sensor simulation
  • Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle with the help of Reinforcement Learning
  • Robotic Arms controls
  • Remote intervention for areas with health hazard
  • Firefighting with remotely controlled exoskeletons
  • Backup manual without physical presence
  • Opening and closing critical valves
  • Field intervention reinvented
  • Programmatic Avatar Interface
  • Implicit Cybersecurity features. Integrity checking. Firmware protection.
  • Explicit cyber monitoring – alerting the unauthorized access of the system.

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