Thermal Vision on Tablets

Infrared Scanning on your Handheld

Innovation & Automation

Our software innovative solution it is able to use thermal camera of a tablet, analyse thermal image, identify water leakages based on specific mathematical algorithm, record water leakage detection (thermal image, normal image, geolocation) and upload recorded data in cloud and generate custom PDF report delivered by email.

Requirements → Key Features

  • Accurately detects and reports water leakages
  • Works in offline mode, generating sessions and submitting them as soon as internet is available
  • Easy to use sessions, you can start a new session right away or resume a previously paused session.
  • Making use of Microsoft’s latest stack of technologies, UWP, .NET Core and cloud solutions.
  • Customized settings

Requirements → Technologies

Google and Windows

  • 10 API’s (supplied by Google Cloud and Windows 10 UWP libraries)
  • Geolocation
  • Google Maps API
  • Reverse geolocation API

MS Azure

  • Blob repository
  • SMTP (SendGrid) for emails
  • .NET Core 2.1 WebApi
  • NoSql User tables (for storing settings)
  • Azure B2C Authentication (JWT based authentication)

Thermal Vision on Tablets Use Case

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