Highly Relevant Content on your Highway

Innovation & Automation

The vast majority of the billboards display static content not taking in account any input for surrounding environment (people traffic, how many people pay attention to the commercial, people reaction, etc.).

We can improve billboards to be more effective! ​

We took the challenge and built a mechanism that: ​

  • evaluates what impact the commercial has by using AI for emotional analysis of the people​
  • updates the commercial with a predefined set of commercials for the same product previously stored in cloud​

All these without any human interaction!​


  • Cost reduction for commercial updates​
  • Increase effectiveness of the commercials by selecting what commercial has the best impact to the viewers

Key Features

  • Traffic monitor​
  • Emotional analysis​
  • AI​
  • Cloud Application that can manage multiple billboards simultaneous ​
  • Statistics uploaded in Cloud​
  • Reports generation​
  • Commercial updated over the air​

System components & Technology​

  • Camera: Logitech HD camera​
  • Display: Panasonic SQ1​
  • AI board: Intel UP Squared with WI-FI kit & Movidius module​

Cloud platform:

  • Microsoft Azure​
  • .Net framework​

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