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Streaming of the content you want – without any georestriction enjoying full anonymity and no exposure whatsoever !

Get private & secure internet access!

An online Streaming Utility is like an encrypted and secure tunnel through which your online activity passes. No one can see through the tunnel and take ownership of your data. And the best part is that no restrictions apply to you any more.

So no more pricing policy discriminations! Protect all your devices in addition to your usage of VPN.

Do you use Windows at work, macOS at home, and Linux for specific projects? No problem. There’s the ShieldMe app for most routers out there and it will add an extra layer of protection for any devices behind the router equipped with ShieldMe – either they are iOS, Android, and Android TV.

But also encrypted proxy extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

And to top it off, with a installment (in 3 easy steps) everyone in your backyard would be protected as well with anonymity and free browsing.

With ShieldMe you can rest easy every time you connect to a public Wi-Fi network, check your personal & work accounts on the go or when you want to keep your browsing history private.

ShieldMe also offers full anonymity – no IP publicly visible. Remain incognito for real!

The limitations imposed online or the pricing policies enforced with georestiction are dissolved by ShieldMe:

Free or cheapest prices for content (movies, games)

Access to those yet not released in your country

Perfect anonymity – least exposure to hackers or other browsing hurdles

Intended Audiences

  • Home users / end users
  • Corporate accounts

Why ShieldMe

Enjoy a stable and fast connection, wherever you are. Nothing is more unbearable than a long load, so it is unthinkable to download a file or watch a streaming video with a slow connection. But not with ShieldMe!

Choose from myriads of servers in all  (?) the countries and enjoy the fastest online navigation experience possible to your infrastructure. The more servers there are, the less they are individually loaded, and the wide variety of locations means you’re more likely to find one nearby.


Say goodbye to cuts Hate when your video starts to stop for no reason or worse when it takes forever to load? If you’ve been through this, you know that bandwidth can ruin your streaming experience, but the solution is router + VPN + ShieldMe for streaming. It will protect your virtual communications from bad guys, including your ISP, and allow you to quickly download and play your media content. Anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Say goodbye to cuts Hate when your video starts to stop for no reason or worse when it takes forever to load? If you’ve been through this, you know that bandwidth can ruin your streaming experience, but the solution is router + VPN + ShieldMe for streaming. It will protect your virtual communications from bad guys, including your ISP, and allow you to quickly download and play your media content. Anytime, anywhere, on any device:

Access content while traveling

Watch your favorite movies and shows securely and privately, wherever you are.

Enjoy streaming without interruption

Fast connection with no speed or bandwidth limits, for the best shielded experience – router + VPN + ShieldMe

Navigate safely, anytime

Enjoy the content you want while being fully protected with next-generation encryption

Use Cases

The increasing rate of cybercrime is anticipated to promote the market in the North American region to the top position. The VPN market is expected to gain traction due to the efficiency in operations.


What is bandwidth throttling and why does it happen?

When it comes to accessing content online, the faster the Internet, the more enjoyable it will be to download and watch. But what if you don’t get the speed you’re paying for? You are probably the victim of bandwidth limitation. Relentless blackouts and sudden drops in speed are the main characteristics of the bandwidth throttling that ISPs (Internet Service Providers) use to slow down the internet connection of their users. Bandwidth limitation can occur at any time and in any place between your device (smartphone, tablet or personal computer) and the service or site you are using.

4 situations where an ISP can limit your bandwidth impact of ISP limitation on streaming

Rush hours

Your internet speed is excellent throughout the day and then suddenly slows down around 9:00 p.m.? It’s probably your ISP trying to avoid traffic jams during peak hours.

ISP streaming content block of content

By making it impossible to access certain streaming sites, ISPs are trying to encourage subscription to paid services from which they and their associates benefit.

P2P and streaming sites

Sometimes your ISPs have doubts when they see too much data being downloaded from a famous site. For example, you may be restricted when using your favorite streaming platform or P2P services.

Bandwidth cap

A slow connection can mean you've exceeded your monthly bandwidth cap. In other words, your ISP encourages you to take it to the next level.

Why VPN + ShieldMe is the best choice for smooth streaming

Optimized for speed

With 5,439 servers that distribute the activity loads online and our lightning-fast protocol, you can stream smoothly from anywhere in the world.

Multiple connections

You can secure up to 6 devices on a single account, so whether you want to watch videos on your phone or host a movie night at home, you can do both.

No limitation

Some VPNs have monthly bandwidth caps that only allow you to download a limited amount of data. This is not our case. Enjoy all the virtual content you want.


Get anonymity on top of your secure access to your streaming sites and services without further action.

Installation Steps

Securely access your favorite content in 3 easy steps:


to navigate further and smarter !


Choose your VPN for streaming and download the ShieldMe ap on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Log in

Choose a VPN server or hit the Quick Connect button and let our smart algorithm do it for you.


Safely enjoy streaming. Just be sure to be subscribed to a streaming service if necessary.

Further & Smarter

Hide my IP address

Protect your online identity with VPN + ShieldMe.

Hide your IP address in one click and never depend just on the VPN or the Router.

Connect to a VPN server and browse under the protection of its IP address. Your online activity will be encrypted according to the next generation security standard recommended by the NSA.With just one click you can:

  • hide your IP address
  • encrypt your internet traffic
  • change your geolocation

Enjoy a myriad of servers in more than 100 countries. This means you have thousands of IP addresses to choose from.


Why hide ?

Your IP address reveals your geolocation. For this reason, you cannot watch live sporting events or other geo-filtered content when you are abroad. Your IP address knows where you are from. Worse yet, advertisers and cybercriminals can use your IP address against you. In addition to other means they may employ, your IP address helps them track your online behavior, record your browsing history, and gather a significant amount of personal information.


What is ShieldMe protecting?

Put simply, a SHIELDME on top of your VPN hides your online activity and your IP address (which indicates your location). This is done by encrypting your traffic, routing it through a secure remote server, and assigning you the server’s IP address.In practice, this means three things:

  1. Your ISP can’t see what’s in your data, where it’s ultimately going and where it’s coming back – in short, they don’t know what you’re doing;
  2. If someone intercepts your data, it sounds like meaningless gibberish;
  3. The site you are visiting does not know your actual location and allows you to securely access local content.


Of course, you can use a VPN service, but also a proxy server to change your IP address. However, the proxy server functions as a simple IP address scrambler. A good VPN does a lot more than that.Unlike proxy servers, VPN + ShieldMe encrypts your online traffic and makes sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. It allows you to secure all devices at the same time and supports all major operating systems. ShieldMe also introduced proxy extensions for Chrome and Firefox. This lightweight privacy solution combines the best of proxy and VPN technologies. It will encrypt your internet traffic even when it is not protected by HTTPS.


5 excellent reasons to hide your IP address with VPN + ShieldMe, in addition to changing your IP address:

  • Encryption –> Encrypt your entire online activity with the next generation AES encryption standard.
  • Free internet –> You bypass all censorship and surveillance.
  • No more discrimination –> You can reach every corner of the internet.
  • Improved streaming –> You enjoy online streaming with no speed or bandwidth limits.
  • For all devices –> You protect all devices at the same time. Compatible with all major platforms: iOS, macOS, Android, Windows and Linux.
  • Never depend just on the VPN or the Router. – always have 2 option to gain anonymity – ShieldMe is independent of any VPN / Router related disclosure issues under Patriot act and under the EU GDPR compliance as well


We stay ahead of private navigation threats in the virtual galaxy. And We keep an eye out to give you the edge. Even if it-s your first day of browsing you’ll benefit from the tools of the pros!

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