Coworking Admin Tool

Dedicated mobile & web-based applications would give the user the possibility to authenticate safely into the application and access to different microservices combined to offer a consistent experience and support no matter the need of the user.

Based on user roles, customized permissions and tenant-based architecture, application is built to assure data security and GDPR full compliance.

The configuration server makes the application easy to be configured and installed even on on-premises locations, not only cloud storage.

Elastic search integration would also provide fast access to data despite the large amount of data stored on the server.

Requirements -> Key Feature

  • based on user profile behaviour and preferences
  • white label ready
  • flexible subscription methods
  • book assets
  • pay subscription or individual assets
  • integration with 3rd party payment provider
  • synchronization with user’s calendar (adds booking in calendar & shows other events)
  • community module (users can connect with other people from the platform)

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