Stay Nible and Precise


Most engineering team are built to deliver based on precise specs?!

Who has time anymore to compile perfect requirements? Fixed and not evolving ones ?!

What is missing when engaging such a development team?


Of course, these are ongoing challenges which drive the technologies and the methodologist to find new ways of engagement, improved models in delivery.

We contribute as well with our Kreators™ Team Index to mature highly innovative development teams for coding and testing missions as well as for tedious maintenance or challenging integration works.

Furthermore, R&D teams can benefit from the Kreators™ Teams Index to solidify dynamics that are highly constructive.

The profiling of leaders / creators in dynamic with rebels and supporters allow for the innovative potential to emerge at various points in throughout the project:

  • 50% more viewpoints owned and backed with constructive arguments in steering conversations
  • 30% improved effort allocation due to more nimble prioritization of essential tasks for team log and product log
  • 40% Higher quality code
    • 20% less technical debt
    • 50% less coding standards mistakes
    • 30% higher test coverage
    • 15% more documentation
    • 15% velocity increase for coding teams
    • 80% less copy pasted code
  • Higher ownership at team level for the end user impact and aggregated results


We see as fitting to shift the focus away from the anticipated outcome (i.e., innovation, seen as a product or a technology) and from a search for people with ‘creative talent’, and focus rather on the process of innovating (seen as a set of practical activities, a behavior, and an attitude) and on training people to acquire new skills and techniques.

Successful innovation comes from noticing small and important changes in unexpected places. To do this you need a structure and properly incentivized middle management. Ben Bensaou, Insead professor of technology management – ‘Built to Innovate’

This is the key to leveraging the innovating potential of everyone in the organization.

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