Life in Engineering

People & Community

Community that orients your career and life potential from the very first meeting with us!
Let us drive your potential by expanding your skills and knowledge (link to EotF Pi diagram). Build solutions for millions of users and work from anywhere on the planet. Make the most of your own peek time.

Who you can meet in the community?

Orient, care and relate. This is how we act. We build connections, expand capacity, and take action together. Among other things, it means knowledge sharing, social online and offline clubs, live sprints, and a diverse work environment that respects everyone. Not to mention, we love community outcomes and joint actions.

Digital familists

Digital familists emphasize different aspects of their lives. As a result of the technological revolution, and thanks to flextime and fully remote work, digital familists can enjoy family life and develop their passions.

Digital nomads

Digital nomads, those modern explorers, are location-independent people who can work anywhere with a technological connection. While working with innovative technologies, they take the world by storm, not forgetting their impact on the local community.


Projects that make a difference for millions of us

Do you know that you deal with us almost every day? You have probably used our solutions more than once: when you pay online for your shopping, drive your car, make digital money transfers, or when you receive a digital message that your package is ready for pick-up. Welcome to the age of the user!

Financial wellbeing​

Financial standing is a state of being where a person can meet current and ongoing obligations and feel secure in their financial future.
We want you to make choices that allow you to live life to the fullest. We divided our proposition into three sections.

Investment plan

We help you to co-create your investment plan based on your goals. Some of the assets you will have exclusive access to are’s stocks.

Performance review and salary review

You have an opportunity to re-evaluate your compensation regularly, based on your achieved goals and transparent career path and expectations.

Financial coaching

Service that helps you create healthy financial habits, achieve your goals, minimize expenses and use the knowledge of experts.<br/><br/>

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